Kids Clinic, Whitby, ON
Kids Clinic, Whitby, ON
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Kids Clinic, Whitby, Medical Services
We offer comprehensive services to support children who may have developmental, behavioural and psychiatric disorders. Through assessment, consultation and treatment, we develop a plan of care allowing children and families to maximize their full potential.
We specialize in the common behavioural problems of childhood.
Kids Clinic, Whitby, Support Services
Kids Clinic Support Services was established to provide members in our community with the benefits of accessible and inclusive services under one umbrella. Everyone faces challenges and our comprehensive support services and atmosphere of care and understanding makes us unique to our community.
Our programs enhance the overall well-being of children.
Kids Clinic - family centered and individualized care
Kids Clinic
1615 Dundas Street East, Unit 19, Whitby, ON L1N 2L1 • email: • 905-436-1600
Located in Whitby Mall on the southeast corner of Thickson Road and Dundas Street.